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A. Entries for Masters Championships regularly exceed 500 and have reached almost 1000. This creates an excessive amount of work for the Secretariat to list details from so many forms which are often late due to the postal systems. An online registration system will greatly reduce the workload.
No! You must send your entry fee with your details to your National Masters Chairperson.
Once the championship ends and any anti-doping violations have been processed, only your name, country, email address, and technical official status will be used to organise technical officials for future championships.

Note: A list of all entries for each nation will also be sent to each National Masters Chairperson for verification. If you are not recognised by your National Masters you will be notified immediately that your name has been withdrawn.
All entries on the registration system are mandatory. In the medical section there is a "bypass" for those who have no medical history or you do not wish to disclose this information. It is worth noting that this information is only to help you should you take ill or be injured during the championship and require immediate medical attention. It will be deleted and only ever used for statistical purpose.
For all championships a Competition Schedule is produced once registration has closed, it will be published to various websites including IWF Masters and European Masters.
The system will close on the published “closing date” and no more entries will be accepted.
The system will always open at least 6 months before the start of a championship.
You can also visit relevant websites.
On the website we will reproduce an old schedule from a previous championship and also a schedule not based on actual number of entries but to actually show how the championship will be run. The true Competition Schedule cannot be produced until after the closing date when we have all the accepted entries.
No, all championships have a budget which is 100% dependent on the entry fees.
All entry fees are non-refundable. Banking systems vary from country to country and as volunteers it would be time consuming to also process refunds.

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Just wanted to say thanks for a great tournament and for letting me video some of it. The organisation and location was just, well, exemplary is the word I think! Superb. The Welsh really have a top class venue there.