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Denise Offermann

Meet Our Team European + IWF Masters blend

Denise Offermann (CYP) European Masters General Secretary
IWF Masters Chairwoman
IWF Masters Secretariat
IWF Masters Anti-Doping Panel

Denise came to the attention of the European Masters when she was competing for Cyprus in her first European Masters Championship in Kolobrzeg, Poland. With contact by email and Skype it was easy to recognise her qualities, particularly in administration, also her passion for weightlifting and in particular Masters weightlifting. Denise was asked to apply for the General Secretary position on the European Masters Committee and was appointed by Congress at the 2009 European Masters Congress in Togliatti, Russia. In 2011 Denise was appointed to run the Secretariats for the IWF Masters and the European Masters, and in 2016 at Congress in Heinsheim, Germany she was elected to the position of Chairperson, the highest position in Masters weightlifting.

Bill Barton (GBR) European Masters Chairman
IWF Masters General Secretary
IWF Masters Anti-Doping Panel

Bill’s first International Masters Championship was the 1989 WMG in Aalborg, Denmark, since, and including that championship he has been present at every World Masters Championship to date. He missed the first and third European Masters in 1991 and 1993 but was present at the 1992 and from 1994 to the present date. In 1997 He was asked to take the position of IWF Masters General Secretary, and in 1999 he was also asked to form a new European Masters Committee and take on the position of Chairman: Bill’s last competition was the 2003 World Masters Championship in Savannah, USA, He still holds both of the positions on the IWF Masters Committee and the European Masters Committee.

Caroline Charles (GBR) IWF Masters Women’s Representative

Caroline was elected to the IWF Masters Committee as the “Women’s Representative” at the Congress of Nations in Kefalonia, Greece, in 2008, and has filled this position since and with her perpetual smile and friendly manner she is well liked by everyone. She was also inaugurated into both the IWF Masters and European Masters Hall of Fame and as a member of the IWF Masters Committee also takes on several commitments relating to the Hall of Fame including selecting new lifters to be inaugurated.

Jozef Lazou (BEL) IWF Masters Anti Doping Panel
European Masters Records Manager

Jozef has been a member of the European Masters Committee since 2009 Tolyatti, Russia, and this year has taken over the European Masters records from Rudi Seidel and he is now the Records Manager. He is also a co-opted member of the IWF Masters Committee and has been since 2011. Jozef also assists with anti-doping at championships as well as performing many duties as a Technical Officer, and in particular working with his good friend Michel Vereecke as the 'weigh in team' at many championships.

Chris Baker (GBR) European Masters Technical Officer

Chris is the newest member of the European Masters Committee and was elected to the position of Technical Officer by Congress in 2016 Azerbaijan. He was also present at the 2015 European Masters in Bangor, Wales, and the 2016 World Masters in Heinsheim, Germany, travelling at his own expense to help run a championship with the huge entry of 961. Many athletes applauded and befriended Chris for the efficient way he controlled and organised the warm up area, it is certain that he will prove to be an asset.

Corinne Grotenhuis (USA) Co-opted member of the IWF Masters
Pan-American Masters Representative

Corinne was co-opted to work with the IWF Masters Committee in 2011 and continues to show good administrative skills and adaptability in taking on almost any task that is required, be it referee, Technical Controller, Chief Marshall, or with the Jury. At home in the USA Corinne is active at almost every weightlifting championship from schools’ level up to Masters where her knowledge of weightlifting and organisational skills are put to full use. Her other big love is swimming, she is a swimming coach and very involved in coaching her team at swimming events in the USA.

Mark Lavallee MD (USA) Head of IWF Masters Medical Team

Mark has been attending World Masters Championships since the 1999 championship in Glasgow, Scotland. Mark works for WellSpan Health, York PA, USA, his speciality is Sports Medicine and at his own expense he brings three members of his staff to all our championships to provide treatment and care for all the Masters. We are forever grateful for his help, care, and unstinting support and also his help and guidance to our Ant-Doping Panel in the medical field and Masters Anti Doping matters.


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Just wanted to say thanks for a great tournament and for letting me video some of it.  The organisation and location was just, well, exemplary is the word I think! Superb. The Welsh really have a top class venue there.


First of all, thanks a lot for the nice days together in Bangor. It was a very good competition and I believe all are happy and pleased with this Championship. I know it was a lot of work to get it in place but you and the team from the University can be proud of what you presented.


It was a pleasure to play a small part in what was a super event. It was by far one of the best run  Comps I have been involved in. Thanks to Bangor Uni and more so your vision and efforts to bring the comp to Bangor.  Most if not all will have left  with fond memories of a super event that went without a hitch. More than I can say for the Brit Seniors last weekend .! Bangor will I am sure play host to many more comps in the future as they have a passion for our Sport that has only become stronger after the Euros. I also loved competing.


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